Health Science University





Health as defined by the WHO is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. No other sector of human culture needs a revolution in thinking, but in our way to look at and jugde health and disease.

Health Science is the best definition for our School. 

Natural Hygiene, if we really want to classify it among the different disciplines, is a branch of biology. It learns life, human health and the ideal conditions to realize wellbeing. It recognizes and affirms that healthy and disease states are not coming from hazard or luck, but they are based on right laws of human phisiology. It teaches that good health can be maintained and recuperated when physical and mental needs of the human body are satisfied.

What is definitely the Health Science? It is a living system that helps people live their lives according to the physiological, ethical, aesthetical, mental and spiritual needs of human organism, maximizing its potential, assuring wellbeing and full capacity of recovery and rebalancing, by means of the strengthening of self-protection inner mechanism.

The Health Science includes all the useful principles and behaviours to reach a condition of health and wellbeing, in a global meaning.

The Health Science University, International School of natural hygiene and health science, was therefore founded, addressing to:

health professionals, meaning health workers, wellbeing workers and olistic workers. 

transversal workers that will play a fundamental role in the new third millenium idea of health: chefs, managers of wellbeing centers, restaurants, natural shops.

people who want to reach high competences for a better management of their own health.